Random Thoughts, Questions, and observations

Random Thought:  Baby fingernails.  Huh, never really gave them much thought. Until today when I realized my baby girl has a set of lethal weapons attached to the end of her chubby little fingers.  She has become fascinated (or perhaps horrified) with my nose lately.  So she keeps trying to grab it (hmm, maybe she’s trying to reshape it – shall I guess plastic surgeon when she grows up?).  Anyway, as part of the grabbing exercise today, she dug her nails in and Man oh Man! Did she leave marks.  Do you hear me? Marks were left.  On me.  Is this mama abuse?  Aren’t there rules against this kind of shenanigan?  When I got a baby health kit as a gift a couple of months ago there were some fingernail clippers in it. I actually thought this was the biggest ripoff when I saw them – I figured they were just trying to put crap in the kit to bulk it up. It never occurred to me that a baby’s fingernails would actually need to be cut.   I guess that’s a task for tomorrow.


Random question:  If a baby rolls over but only ever on one side, does that indicate whether the child will be right handed or left handed?  Here’s Annabelly’s rollover video.


Day 15_files\The Rollover.MOV


Random question:  How do you get baby boogers out of baby noses when the said noses are so small?


Random Thought: I wonder what it says about my psyche that I picked all yellow accoutrements today – yellow blanket, yellow lovey, yellow outfit.  There must be something meaningful in that.




Random diatribe:  How can anyone not think that TV is bad for babies?  The reason I get such good photos of Annabelle is that she is absolutely positively mesmerized by the blinking light on my camera.  She freezes and stares at it for as long as it’s blinking. And I think to myself, if she does that for just a single blinking light, what would she do for Barney?  It has to be dissolving her neural networks.  Of course, my resolve to show Annabelle no TV before the age of three will probably be out the window the first time I need to take a shower, but the affect it has on her really scares me.


Random observation:  It’s curious that they serve beer with straws here.


Random question: I wonder why my main food market is called “viola” market.  Does it cater to the orchestra crowd?


Random Fingers Crossed Moment: I hope pre-court goes okay tomorrow and that I don’t insert my foot into my mouth at the wrong moment.


Random rhetorical question: How cute is my kid?