A Jester by any other name

The visit today a good one.  It was pretty much the standard fare however.  (I get the sense I’m going to be saying that a lot over the next few weeks.)  I dressed Annabelle in a very funny outfit that I call the “court Jester”….




But in Moron Mama fashion, apparently I put it on backwards at first. I didn’t notice this of course until we were playing and I saw the tag hanging from the front. 




I can’t even dress this little girl properly.  I am quite sure she’s going to be teased by the baby fashionistas at daycare “what, did you your mother dress you again?”  How will she ever get into the cool group with my fashion blunders?


Anyway, we caught a break today. We got to move to a new room that is a lot bigger.  We’ve been stuck in this little 8 x 10 room that didn’t allow us to be on the floor or really spread out.  But today they let us move into a spacious room with a big mat on the floor and now we can really groove.


Finally check out the latest videos of the kiddie.  She lived up to her court jester dress when I put the rattles on her feet.  She absolutely loves the rattles on her feet, much more than on her hands.  It’s pretty cute to see her rattling her little feet away.  Take a gander….


Day 6_files\Funny Rattles.MOV and Day 6_files\Fall Off.MOV


In the evening, the cottage people invited me over to dinner along with Lubya, the factotum of the cottage and Oleg, our driver, in order to say goodbye. The kaplans leave on Wednesday and Julie leaves on Thursday so they are in wind down mode. 


Anyway, it was fun but strange dinner.  Oleg came and brought his 3 year old daughter Masha.  And the cottage people had their 2 babies.  Oleg and Lubya don’t speak English at all.  Julie, Tony and I speak no Russian.  Cindy speaks Russian but was focused on Jadyn throughout dinner. So basically what we had was a bunch of people who couldn’t really talk to each other sitting around smiling at each other.  Not much exchange of information, but a lot of good will!!  Dinner ended with a demonstration by Oleg on how to do baby calisthenics to induce a little nasty diaper action which poor little man Jadyn has been struggling with.