Favorite Links

Kazakhstan Information

CIA Factbook - Lots of information about Kazakhstan


Lonely PlanetKazakhstan Guide


The Almaty Expat Site - A site created by expats living in Kazakhstan


World Clock - Current time in Almaty/Kokshetau, Kazakhstan


Weather Underground- Weather conditions in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan


National Geographic - Kazakhstan profile


The Kazakhstan Post - All the news that's fit to print



World Partners Adoptions - My adoption agency


Kazakh Adoptive Families - A site created by an adopting mom, full of tips and stories

Basset Hound Links (aka This is not my first adoption, only my first HUMAN adoption)

Basset Buddies Rescue - This is the organization I foster for


Michigan Basset Rescue - Another fabulous adoption agency, McDuff came to me through them


The Daily Drool - Another site dedicated to all things Basset

Miscellaneous Links

Cousin Tom Mericle's Homepage - Home of the CA Mericles

Margaret Mericle's Homepage - Home of soon-to-be Auntie Margaret  ** Update: I have left this link up despite Margaret’s death so you can see how excited she was to become an aunt to Annabelle. Please note you cannot return to my home page from Margaret’s site. Use the back key to return **