Me and Mine

First off – “Hey.”

My name is Mickey Mericle. I live in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I live in an old-as-crap house that I love. Lots of character. Lots of creaks. Lots of leaks. Awesome neighbors and ‘hood. Only 10 minute walk to Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Cajun, Asian Fusion, Tex-Mex, Italian, Peruvian, tapas, and Tibetan cuisines. My definition of civilized.

I have 3 basset hounds: Murphy (15), McDuff (13), and Morrisey (1). I do basset rescue fostering and let’s just say I’ve been less than successful letting go of the hounds that pass through my doors. I got Murphy when she was 4 months old from the humane society while I was in grad school. She may be the only basset in the world with more frequent flier miles than people since she’s traveled the world with me. McDuff came from Michigan Basset Rescue and my first words about him were “he’s not very attractive”. Oh, how could I have ever thought that as I now know he is the most handsome boy in the world? Morrisey is the latest. She came into the house a terrorized, un-housetrained disaster, but after a month she howled in concert with McDuff and it was all over.  ** Update: On February 21, 2006, McDuff, my sweet boy, went to the Rainbow Bridge.**

The Salt Mines

I earn my living as a finance manager at Target Corporation. I’m currently supporting the part of the business. Love the company. Who doesn’t love to shop at Target, especially with an employee discount? It’s awesome, although no maternity leave for adoptive parents, boo hoo, so I’m using all my vacay just to go get the little peanut. No time off when I get back. She’ll be in therapy for years, I suspect.

Sick Days

On my time off, I love to be outdoors. I still haven’t learned my way around Minnesota as much as I would like. I moved here a year and a half ago from southern California where every weekend I was in the mountains. I miss the mountains and I’m finding it harder here to find the solitude I crave, but I know it exists. I need to learn how to get around in the snow better – snowshoeing and cross country skiing are on my list to learn.

With 3 dogs, I spend hours every weekend at the dog parks which are awesome in Minneapolis.

Reasons for Therapy

My mom and dad live in Ames, Iowa, only 4 hours away. Too far for late night emergencies but perfect for weekend visits. My only sis, Margaret, lives way too far away in Philadelphia. She’s a year younger than me and she’s been so amazingly supportive of this adoption plan. She’s going to accompany me on my trip to meet my daughter. She’s very excited about becoming an aunt and has threatened to quit her job and live on my couch. I tell her if the dogs will move for her, she’s welcome. 

** Update: I wrote the previous paragraph on February 12, 2006.  On March 27, 2006 my wonderful sister, my best friend, died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism.  It is hard to see a future without her.  It makes me so incredibly sad she will never meet her niece Annabelle.** 

Our last family photo, taken on Christmas Day, 2005