Same Old, Same Old


Okay, I know I’m going to regret admitting this in about 2 weeks when I am hot and complaining about mosquitoes but here it is.  I’m cold.  All the time.  The weather remains in the 30s and 40s.  In perfect central planning fashion, the government kept the heat pumping during the weeks of 80 degree weather, ensuring everyone was too hot. But come May 1, never minding the fact that there was snow on the ground and the temperature was 20 degrees, off went the heat.  Which is also too bad because I had a built in clothes dryer with the hot water pumping through the pipe system. Now it takes days for anything to dry.



And of course, I packed when it was in the 80s here and as you may remember, I went pretty heavy on the Capri pants.  No coat.  Oh, and only one pair of long socks (I brought lots of footies.)  And on the socks note, today for the first time, I noticed that the one pair of socks I brought is, um, mismatched. Completely different patterns! Poor Annabelle is definitely not Vogue bound with a screwy mom like me.



Speaking of Annabelle, our visit was similar to yesterday. We had about half an hour of fun before she started being whiny because no bottle.  Something has changed at the hospital - maybe just different caregivers - because they used to bring her bottle in between 10:30 and 11:00 everyday.  Lately they’ve been bringing them in about 11:45. She gets so upset


Day 18_files\Tears.MOV



 and then as I try and calm her down, she falls asleep.


And just as she’s fallen asleep, they bring in the bottle. Argh!  But after she eats (I didn’t fool around with the avent bottle today, she was way too out of sorts) she’s great.   Happy, active and sweet as can be.


Day 18_files\Post Eat 4.MOV



After the visit, the Brookes’ and I visited the Tsum store, the Kokshetau equivalent of the Mall of America.  It’s probably about the size of an old fashioned department store, but inside is a bunch of independent, individual kiosks.  You go into one store for kitchen goods, another for jewelry and yet another for stationary and school supplies. I bought blank CDs today so I can make some CD’s for Oleg and the translators from my iTunes. They love American music but have a hard time getting it here so I thought some CD’s would be a nice gift. 


Speaking of music, today I’ve been listening a lot to a group called “For Squirrels”. It was a favorite band of Margaret’s and when she introduced me to their music she told me the sad story of the band. They named the band For Squirrels because they loved playing music so much that they said they would always be able to play “for squirrels” even if no one else would listen.  They were just at the beginning of their careers, all young, in their 20s and had just released their first CD. They were touring down south somewhere and their van crashed and I think 3 of the 4 band members were killed, as was their manager.  Margaret loved their music.  The fact that she knew all the information about them was so typical of her. She never just heard music, but she really, really listened and she learned all she could about bands that she liked.  I like to think she’s jamming with them now.