A Playdate leads to a little nudity

Today being Sunday and authority figures at the hospital being absent led to a complete breakdown of the rules.  Against all regulation, against all sense of decency and common sense, the two parents of the two best friends Annabelle and Annelise decided to have…a playdate


For some reason playdates are not allowed at the hospital.  Perhaps they worry that they will have 2 kids at once with naked feet, with ensuing pandemonium.  Anyway, we decided that it would be nice to get Annelise and Annabelle, who were both born on the same day and lived side by side every day in both the maternity hospital and the children’s hospital until they were “selected”, together again.


Random and doubled adorableness occurred.



Here’s Annabelle learning hostessing skills (Note to self: remind her that gnawing on guests hands is not generally acceptable)


Day 19_files\annabelle - biting hostess.MOV


After the biting incident all hell broke loose as the two girls fought like tigers, both filled with passion, jealously and desire.  I’ve been watching some Hindi soap operas on the television, dubbed in Russian. It’s given me a whole new perspective on relationships.  Here’s what the girls would be saying if they were in a hindi soap opera.  Or they could talk.





Annelise:  that’s my dad, he’s awesome.  You don’t have a dad do you?







Annabelle: “I’m going to steal your dad because I am so adorable.










Annelise: “You witch! You stay away from my dad or I’m warning you… 







Annabelle:  Or you’ll what?  You’re all talk. He loves me the most!








Annelise:  Alright, that’s it.  I’m gonna roll you like a…a… well, like something that rolls.






It’s so hard to imagine why I don’t have a job in Hollywood (or Bollywood) writing for tv shows. Clearly I have a unique talent for realistic dialogue. You should see the dialogue I make up for the Hindi-dubbed-Russian shows.


Shortly after all the drama, the playdate ended when Annabelle’s bottle came and she forgot all about her little friend. Or the other people in the room.  Or her mother. Or anything but the bottle.  Today’s feeding was a great success thanks to the discovery of the rubber vs. silicone bottle top.  In fact, I got her to hold the bottle herself. She’s practically grown up. I don’t think she needs me any more, sob, choke.


Day 19_files\Self Feeding Video.MOV



After feeding came changing time.  And a little soft porn.  I realized none of you have seen how cute and chubby the girl is sans clothing.  But I was discreet and covered the relevant area.  Look at that belly after eating. She looks like a plump dictator.. which in fact she is.



After the changing came the sunbathing time.  Every day the sun is out I try to give her a minute or two in the sun so she can get some Vitamin D.



What, you think this journal entry is over? Oh, no, you hit the motherload today.  After the baby visit we went on our one remaining extracurricular activity: the city tour.  Kokshetau is a city of about 150,000 in the north of Kazakhstan, in spitting distance (if you were a really big spitter) of the Russian border. 



Okay, that really my one factoid.  Go read an atlas if you’re that interested.  What do you think this is, Mickey’s Travel guide to Boring cities? J  See the city in pictures.





For some reason that no one can explain adequately, this monument is called the “Horny Husband”.  I assume it has something to do with the buck with his antlers.  But why was it originally erected? (erected, get it?)  Anyway, it’s tradition for newly married men to come here and get their pic taken.







Nicest Mosque in town.  Right next to the section of town called “poor man’s alley” which is Ironic since it’s the rich section with houses costing around $250,000 USD.















How the other half lives.  A more typical soviet style apartment block.











A view of kokshetau from the top of a hill.  There’s a restaurant up at the top and when I wondered why it’s not on the (short) list of “restaurants to visit” compiled by previous families, Rada said only “Chechnyans”.  I guess they run the place. And understandably aren’t too fond of the Americanski.  Guess we’ll be sticking with the rainbow room.








On a serious note, today’s visit from the Brookes’ really hit home that Annabelle is my girl, and I am her special lady.  While the Brookes’ were in the room, Annabelle was so serious. that’s something that both Dr. Victoria and Dr. Natalia have mentioned – that she’s a very serious baby. But really, when she is with me she’s all laughs and smiles and whale-sonar screeches of happiness. When new people come in though, she’s politely interested but reserved.  And now I realize I see a side of her that she shows only to me. And I love that we have our own little specialness that she doesn’t have with anyone else. That’s the coolest thing about today.


Paka Paka.