Day One of Forever After

I survived day one of full time mommyhood.  Here’s how I look at 8:08pm tonight.



Today went relatively smoothly for the first day.  I’m figuring out her signals – although they are complicated.  Hungry = cry, tired = cry, and diaper change needed = cry.  Like I said, it was tough to decipher the cues she was sending me.


Today, we worked on the skills needed to implement The Plan.  Have I mentioned The Plan yet?  It goes like this:  Looking objectively at the facts, I have the cutest, smartest baby on the planet.  Agreed?  Okay, so The Plan involves the cutest, smartest baby on the planet being smart and cute enough to fully support her mother by age 3.  So I can lay in bed reading In Style (I think I’ve proven time and time again that I need it!) and eating bon bons.  So I’ve gotta get this kid some skills she can use on her way to stardom.  So I figured we’d work on the basics – the three main things she’d need when wooing agents.


1.     Excellent dining etiquette.


Day 23_files\Fine Dining.MOV


1.     Superb drinking skills

Day 23_files\Drinking Skills.MOV


2.     Scintillating conversation


Day 23_files\Scintillating Conversation.MOV


I think she did quite well for her first day.  She should be entertaining Hollywood agents in no time.


Yesterday, my living room looked like this:

Today, like this:


Not much else to report. We had another good bath session that ended with the ducky towel. 

Is this not the cutest bath picture ever?





Here is her apparent schedule (based on n=1):

6-7am start waking up

7am first bottle

10 am second bottle

10:30-11:30 Nap

1:00 pm Lunch of baby food and little bottle

2:00-4:00 pm Nap

4:00 pm fourth bottle

6:30 pm bath

7:00 pm bottle

8:00 pm sleep

10:00 pm last bottle and diaper change of night


Night night everyone!