Will This Trip Never End?

Today was a typical day except even more stultifyingly boring than the last.  Nothing new to report except my one hope, the one thing that kept me going, has been crushed. As you know from yesterday’s journal entry, I was really curious about the Armenian restaurant.  The Brookes’ and I were planning to tomorrow. Well, as it turns out, the Brookes’ go to court one day early – tomorrow instead of Friday. Which is great for them. But kills the plans to go to the Armenian restaurant for lunch.  So, I will have to live on in curiosity about this place.  Perhaps I will still get there before I leave Kokshetau (if I ever leave this place) but my curiosity will not be satisfied tomorrow.


Today I had lunch with the Brookes’ – we ordered pizzas which Oleg picked up for us and we sat at the cottage and drank beer and ate pizza. Annabelle got performance anxiety when she was supposed to drink her bottle – in front of the new people – so I had to take her upstairs and hide her away from prying eyes to get her to drink it.  I think I have a shy baby on my hands.



Today was the day that I realized I’ve really given short shrift to the books left behind in this place. You know, who am I to say that “Emt Rescue: Thrilling stories of a mobile emergency medical unit” is not fine literature?  I think it was more the case that I hadn’t developed my appreciation of the wide variety of literature.  I mean, who is to say that Susan Anderson and her ilk with the “I hate him but I’m attracted to him” themes don’t offer valid life choices? Just because some woman hates this man, but finds herself attracted to his languid eyes and virile manliness, who is to say she can’t jettison her hard fought independence?  After all, he’s probably really a softie underneath and not really responsible for the ruination of her family.  But to be sure, we should spend several hundred pages describing the forbidden attraction.


The same goes for the food choices. As a vegetarian, I was really worried about getting enough protein. But somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the “protons: The original crunchy tofu (Backyard BBQ flavor)”, but now I realize the brilliance of the offering.  And by the way, who says miso soup doesn’t go with sunflower seeds for a well balanced meal?


It’s all in the perspective ladies and gentlemen.  And hitting 5 weeks in Kokshetau does nothing if not open your mind to anything, anything, anything presenting a diversion.


I continue to struggle with confusing signals from the powers that be here.  I got an email from Inna/Dr. Natalia saying I would leave Kokshetau for almaty on the 26th but then Oleg and Rada said “no it’s the 28th”. When I asked them why, they said the 26th had never been a discussion.  But when I told them about Inna’s email they told me it was not possible.  Hmmm.  Something got lost in translation, as usual. So I have no idea when I get out of here.  Please let it be the 26th!



The theme in these two pictures is simply gaping open mouth stares!


†† I’d like to say an amazed and heartfelt thank you to the following folks:  Heidi S (soon to be Annabelle’s godmother), Peter and Lucille (Bestest Ambo and first lady of SL ever!), Karyn C (The Bostonian consulting queen and chief organizer), MB (Almost as new a mom as me), Margalit and Lee (I have my eye on Kaiden as a son in law), Ally B (bud from Canadian’s northern tundra), Lisa H-F (can we relive our London days?), Erin L-H (have you done an NPV on motherhood yet?), Rachel and fritz, john and Melonie, Steve and Stef, my buds from Tarzhay who have already done so much, and my wonderful buddy Jill in Ventura for the wonderful gift in Margaret’s name. I am simply staggered by your generosity and will thank you properly when I get out of this forsaken land.  Thank you, Thank you.  “here’s to you” ††