There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home….

The weather continues to conspire against my outdoor explorations. It was raining hard when I woke up and the rain continued most of the day, so Annabelle and I spent the dreary day indoors.  The dreary day was made even longer by my confiscation of her favorite toys.  Why, you ask?  What kind of sadistic mommy dearest am I?  No, no, it’s just part of my strategy for survival of the Dantesque trip I’m about to take. I figure her favorite toys will be even more enchanting at 35,000 feet if she hasn’t seen them for a few days.  But it does leave precious little to play with so she was fractious today.


The only event of note was that we went to the SOS International clinic where Annabelle was weighed, measured and poked and prodded.  She now weights 8.4 kg, up from 7.5kg when I brought her home.  Formula over cow’s milk!  She is in the 50% percentile US weight and height charts for her age (she was not even on the charts when she was born!).  She’s a short little thing though. She measures out at 32 inches, which is under 10% on the height chart.  The doctor proclaimed her very healthy and sent us on our way.


And that’s it, folks. No pictures, no funny stories. I spent the day starting to pack and organize the carry ons, want to make sure I have everything I need. 


This may be my final entry. Tomorrow I’ll try to write, but it’s a busy day with the US Embassy appointments, my final meeting with the sisters and packing. 


If I don’t see you again on this side of the world, I will try and update from home!


Paka Paka Everyone!