Sorry Folks…

…I had a little technical difficulty for a week or so.  In case I hadn’t mentioned it before – I am a Luddite so these things are not easy.


Well, you are not going to believe (since I don’t really believe) how much Annabelle has learned in the last couple of weeks.  Let me list the things she can do and provide video documentation:





1.   Sit up by herself smoothly and easily


July 16_files\sitting up.MOV (Sorry about the darkness, it was 6am and not much light)


1.   Crawl at the speed of sound


July 16_files\Crawling.MOV (ditto)


2.   grab food and feed herself


July 16_files\Puff Eating.MOV


July 16_files\Wheres the puff.MOV



3.   pull herself to standing

July 16_files\PULLING herself up.MOV


4.   Put Morrisey to use as a jungle gym

July 16_files\Morrisey as Jungle gym.MOV



Honey Bunny has got a bad cold today with catarrhal cough, runny nose, red rimmed eyes.  But Annabelle being Annabelle, she smiles and plays through the coughs and sneezes. Miss Congeniality soars through health and sickness with her beautiful smile.  Here’s a sick girl photo – notice red eyes and runny nose……..