How Do You Know You Have A Toddler?


It has been so long since I updated this site.  I am sorry about that.  But in order to catch up, there will be more pictures and less text.


But let’s start with: how do you know your baby has turned in to a toddler?  Well, many people use the “walking” hurdle. Others may use a “verbal” hurdle.  Me? I use what I call (scientifically) the Nose Picking Hurdle.  This is how Annabelle looks 80% of the time.






Need I Go On???


Okay, going back to March – my friends Heidi (Annabelle’s Godmother) and Karyn visited from NYC/Boston respectively.  As expected in March in Minneapolis, we spent a lot of time indoors.

“So Annabelle, this is how you chase a bloody mary…..” – words of wisdom from her godmother!




We also had our first big snowstorm.




Annabelle is climbing everything she can possible can.  She’s running around like a maniac. Her daycare assessment was along the lines of “off the chart gross motor skills; needs to work on fine motor skills.”  She loves physical activity but is not so big on the “sit still and do a puzzle” activities.





We’ve hit the pool as the temps have soared, but Annabelle is not a water baby. She loves her bath, but put her in water bigger than a tub and “no wa-wa’ is her take. Here she is with Elizabeth, who IS definitely a water girl.



We’ve been doing lots of summer activities: 


We became members of the zoo where Annabelle loves learning the names of the animals in front of her.


On the way to the zoo with friend Naomi

Annabelle loves the camels while Mom has a flashback to a 3 week camel trek across Mauritania….


See the wolves honey?


Coming home from the zoo!










Play dates…





Symphony concerts at the lake Harriet bandshell.



Hiking with Dogs


In Front of ME


In Back of Me


Annabelle is starting to show a lot of imaginative play.  Here she is playing dress up and saying “bye bye” after she is dressed up.


Getting her outfit together


All dressed up

She turns and says to me “bye bye mommy”

Going bye bye


She also loves to play with my sunglasses




Spending time with grandfolks – she calls grandpa “pop pop”and grandma “nana”







She’s also becoming quite an Artiste (with a capital A)



The finished Art


She discovered Playdoh (and boy does it taste yummy)


And In a series of photos that reminds me of that kid who bangs his head in a bucket in the movie “parenthood”





We’re working on potty training awareness


Kissing Mommy


And Finally – just looking adorable. 



night night everyone.  That’s our update!