You’re Really Giving ME A baby?

March 10, 2006:  The day I’d been waiting a year for.  It started off as an awful day!  On Friday, March 10, I called Mary, my WPA coordinator and I told her that I might have to delay the adoption.  It wasn’t the wait as much as the uncertainty.  I explained that I needed to make decisions about work and I couldn’t do that without clarity about the timing of the adoption.  It was taking so much longer than I expected.  We discussed several things:  I asked about what would happen to my paperwork if I pushed off the adoption by several months.  I asked about possibly switching to a boy to speed things up…. Mary ended the conversation saying “well, let me just check in with WPA and see if there has been any update.”


There is a saying in adoption circles that when you can’t wait one more day for your referral, that is the day it will come.   That was so true in this case.


Mary called me back a couple of hours later and said “you’re not going to believe it, but your referral came today.”  I immediately called my sister and said, “I have a referral” and then promptly lost my hearing for a short time as she literally screamed “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” in the phone.


Shortly afterwards, I received the medical report for an infant girl, aged 5 months.  But, alas no picture!  WPA only had a VHS videotape that they were overnighting to me.


It was a long 24 hours.  As I paced on Saturday morning, the Fedex truck finally showed up.  I practically knocked the guy over as I raced out the door.  Ran upstairs and threw the tape into the VCR……


Now, I’ll be honest.  Over the previous 24 hours with only the (completely expected) scary medical report and my overactive imagination to keep me company, I began to picture this poor, scrawny child with eyes in the wrong places, scales and a tail.  Or something like that.  It certainly wasn’t rational – I was freaking myself out.  Margaret spent the better part of the night talking to me about her good APGAR scores, in order to (in Marg’s words) “talk you off the ledge.”  So I cannot overemphasize my relief to see this chubby, adorable little girl who smiled when she was naked (as my sister Marg likes to yell frequently “naked is best!”), has a lot more rhythm than her soon-to-be-mother, and yes, her eyes were in the right place.  And all her fingers and toes.   Click here to view Annabelle’s referral video.


I then passed her medical file and tape to Dr. Dana Johnson at the University of Minnesota for evaluation. He gave her a thumbs up and – to this new mother’s delight – declared her “adorable.”   And with that, I accepted her referral.



Is this girl cute or what?? *


*thanks to Cindy Kaplan for the photos