Random Thoughts, questions and Observations

Part II

Today was a fun day. I had to wake Annabelle up at 7:15 am with her bottle so it was a good start to the day. She was cheerful all day and I was good at getting her wants and needs before she melted down.  Plus, it was a beautiful day out (jinx) so we went for 2 walks.  She’s great in the bjorn. The second walk was with the Brookes’ and afterwards we went back to their place for a beer.  Annabelle was great. I took her upstairs and put her in their crib and she was content to hang out in a new place.


1)   Random thought: Baby food.  Those stains never come out do they?  I mean, the orange from the carrots Annabelle has been eating are with her clothes forever, I take it.    I washed, I used bleach, but still the stains are there.  I am surprised it’s not marketed as industrial paint. Maybe we should have started learning feeding with a more neutral colored food like pureed bananas or apples.


2)   Random Question: What’s with the hair pulling? I’m thinking of asking for a membership to the Hair Club for my next birthday.  I don’t think I’m going to have any left – Annabelle loves to lay back in my arms, gaze into my eyes, and OUCH! Grab my hair and yank hard.  She’s always walking around with long strands of my hair in her chubby fingers.


3)   Random Question: How much baby food is substituted for how much formula. If she eats a quarter of a jar of baby food, how much do I reduce her bottle by – or do I reduce it at all?


4)   Random Question: Anyone with baby travel experience want to share how you make bottles on the planes – do you ask the flight attendants to heat the water in a microwave or do you just use the coffee/tea water or just give it to them with regular water at room temperature? 


1)   Random Observation: on our walks I haven’t figured out which way Annabelle prefers to ride in the bjorn– facing me or facing out. It seems like whichever way I face her, she wants to look the other way so she cranes her neck to get a look at whatever she is not facing.  Obstinate child.  (Warning: the first person who cracks “like mother like daughter” gets all the crap books here at the apartment sent to his/her house all at once, an avalanche of bad writing at your doorstep.)


2)   Not so random question:  Annabelle has started chafing on her perfect little face.  I don’t know why but here are my theories – 1: the cloth diapers I use as drool wipe-ups are too rough, 2: the bedding change between the hospital and the crib here is the cause, 3: I used the baby wipes on her face to clean up the baby food and maybe they are only meant to be used on the bottom, not the face.  Does anyone have a clue which of these may be the cause and also, what I should do to fix it.  Should I put Lubriderm on it? Should I put cortisone or the diaper rash cream on it?  Should I do nothing?

3)   Random observation: Annabelle loves her bottle so much and when she is tired, her eyes will half close and will roll up to the top of her eyeballs, so she looks orgasmic when she’s having her bottle. 


4)   Random observation: I bought some cute booties today. (that’s it, just looking for a way to include this picture of her adorable booted feet)



Okay, that’s it for today. Sorry, no amusing tidbits. The days here are blending together even more than at the hospital.