Sleep, or the Lack thereof (and a slight detour commentary on Pringles)

One would think that with nothing to do for 14+ hours a day, that I would at least be well rested.  Well, one would be wrong. 


For I have determined that the key to successful restedness as a parent of an infant is napping.  Napping is the crucial element that keeps a new single mom from getting the glassy eyed, insane-o demeanor in which she contemplates sticking her head in the freezer.  Just because. 


Sadly for me, I suck at napping.


No, I am not a napper. When I sleep I need a good 3 hours blocked out. And dark. And absolute quiet. And even then, if I nap, my night sleep schedule is completely screwed. 


But given she sleeps through the night, I should be able to get a solid nights sleep. The problem is that I can’t quite get to sleep right at 10pm when she has her last bottle.  If I could, I’d definitely be fine. But once I lie down to sleep, that’s when the thoughts of Margaret that I’ve pushed off all day come flooding in. And I replay scene after scene where I say to her early in the weekend “hey, humor me, go to the emergency room and have them look at your leg because a pulled muscle shouldn’t be bothering you that much.  I’ll pay if your insurance doesn’t pick it up.”  And she says “okay” and she’s saved.   Over and over and over.  Until it’s midnight or 1:00am and I finally fall asleep.


Then, Annabelle might technically sleep until 7am, but she starts the waking up process with some screams in her sleep at about 5am. And that’s the other thing – I’m a very light sleeper and once up, I’m up, there’s no returning to slumberland.  So the first scream-in-sleep is when I’m awake. 


Tonight I’m going to try sleeping on the couch and see if I can sleep through until she actually wakes up.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


Today was another nothing-new-to-report day.  I went over to the Brookes’ again for a playdate at 4:30pm. The girls seem to like seeing each other.  Annelise is definitely ahead of Annabelle on the physical skills – she is already close to sitting up on her own and she assumes crawling position easily.  The girls were born on the same day but Annabelle was a month premature so she is a little behind. Interestingly, Annabelle is ahead on the verbal skills. She is quite vocal and has a range of sounds, whereas Annelise is quieter.  So they each have their strength. 


I also broke down and due to a crisis brought on by the lack of salty snacks, bought some Pringles for the first time. I hate Pringles (although they are definitely addictive) but they are ubiquitous throughout the non-US world.  Even in Freetown, Sierra Leone or Monrovia, Liberia, I could always get Pringles. I always feel awful after I eat them and with the exception of the salt n’ vinegar flavor, I don’t even think they taste that good (of course, I can’t stop eating them but that’s a whole other story).  But I have been craving salty snacks.  How I wish for saltines or pretzels (which I was advised to bring but couldn’t fit in my bag).  So I bought some Pringles, ate half a container and felt sick.  


I just re-read the last paragraph. How can I even think that writing about eating Pringles is a newsworthy item?  This just shows you how much I am struggling with coming up with anything to write about! Sorry about that.


I must shut up before I begin regaling you with stories of how I wash my dishes or my bathing habits.  Dear god!


Some photos to distract you….







Look at these adorable friends holding hands…. (click on all the pictures for a bigger version

















Pretty Baby.















Note her stylin’ jeans in the next two photos.  Girl is ready for her cover shoot!