She’s a Rolling Fool

Quick Entry for Today since I’m writing this two days late and the days blend in together even as they are happening, let alone days later.


First though, I know you have been waiting with bated breath, sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails to hear who the mysterious “other woman” who was supposed to stay the night at the cottage.  I am sure you will be very disappointed to hear that she did not come. Something about problems with her ticket.  So we shall never have that mystery solved.  Who, why, where…?  The disappointment sent Allison and I further into the vodka and Pringles spiral that is beginning to get out of control (at least on the Pringles front. Allison now has canker sores from the damn things while I just can’t button my pants…)


Annelise continues to amaze me at her walking progress.  While my girl, well, she, being a Mericle is brilliant, but apparently a little lazy.  In hindsight, I now regret explaining to her about the handicap accessible ramps in the US because I do believe she’s seen an opportunity to never learn to walk. In fact, she said to me today “why walk when I can just roll my way through life?”


You’ll see what I mean below.






6:59 pm














7:04 pm













7:11 pm (Hi Mom!)













7:18 pm (what’s over in this corner?)










7:19 pm (Oh, Goody a ball)
















7:29 pm (Wow, I’ve almost made a circuit of the entire room)














7:30 pm (I’m tired now, guess I’ll roll in my blanket and go to sleep)









When I first brought her home, I could put her down in one place and there she’d be when I came back. But now, well, rolling is her calling.  And she can get almost anywhere and get almost anything without ever making the effort of putting one foot in front of the other. That’s my girl.