Addiction is such a nasty word. Extreme Fondness Perhaps?

Today we had that rite of passage that must occur for both mother and child.  You’re lovingly changing her diaper.  Then you dress her in the cutest outfit. Then you set her on the bed while you throw away the stinky diaper. Then… BONK!  The rolling fool of a child has rolled off the bed.


I turned around when I heard the Bonk! And the look on her face was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.  Complete surprise, confusion and wonder all reflected in that little face.  That bewildered expression must have lasted 10 or 15 seconds.  Then her little brain processed something and the wailing started.  I was laughing so hard it probably didn’t help her little sense of dignity.  I picked her up and started to fly her up in the air and turned that old frown upside down.  She immediately forgot about the indignity of falling off the bed in the midst of laughter and fun from Mom.  (She didn’t realize I was laughing at her not with her) J


It hit 90 degrees here today so it was a warm, warm day, too warm to do anything but, well sit around and drink vodka cocktails and watch Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel.  And, okay, yes, some Pringles were eaten.  Yesterday Allison and I had decided to cut ourselves off. It’s just getting to be an addiction and we’ve discussed selling our babies to get Pringles money so we decided enough was enough.  Plus, she’s getting canker sores from the damn things and I can’t button my pants easily any longer.


But you see, the Kazakh merchants are clever. And they deliberately placed the M1 grocery store directly on the path I take between my apartment and the cottage.  And so, despite all my best intentions, I found my feet veering off my path into the M1 store. I could hear the Pringles calling like the sirens to Odysseus, “come, come, partake of our wonder”.  Despite all the alarm bells going off in my head, despite my common sense valiantly trying to make a case for walking on by, I couldn’t resist the Call of the Pringles.


It was with a shamed and bowed head that I entered the cottage.  And I told Allison my shame. She immediately said, “well I’m not going to eat any”.  I was amazed at her strength.  Then we sat down with our cocktails and our Anne of Green Gables and within 10 minutes, she was grabbing for the can saying “Where’s that can?  I think I can position the Pringle in my mouth to avoid the canker sore spot”.  See?  It’s an addiction.


The girls were cute – well they are cute just by showing up.  Look at the most adorable picture of their two butts, heads together, conferring on their mothers addiction and wondering whether they should look for a 12 step program for Pringles addicts.



And then first the plastic bag, then this… why do we even buy toys? (that’s a package of baby wipes in case you can’t see that)


And this is a typical pose, Annelise, the overachiever sitting with excellent posture while Annabelle, the lazy one, rolls around.



There was a heavy thunderstorm with lightening at the close of the day which was fun to go to sleep to, but will make walking to the cottage in the morning quite messy. 


3 days to go…..