Last “normal” day

Well, from here on out, my time in Kokshetau will be spent paperchasing and packing with little time to do those things I’ve so come to value in my time here – watching movies, drinking in the middle of the day, eating Pringles and chocolate and watching as whatever little waistline I had, disappears.


What a shame.


Today was the last of the “I’ve-got-nothing-to-do-and-can’t-be-alone-with-my-head” days. Allison and I finished up Anne of Green Gables the Sequel (FINALLY! Anne kisses Gilbert), finished our bottle of vodka (okay, so it was our third in a series but who is counting?), savored our last Paprika flavored Pringles and even added Snickers & Bounty bars to our swan song.  Annabelle and I literally rolled out of the cottage together at 5pm.


It’s a time for reflection, for learning, and growth.  Here’s what I’ve learned in Kokshetau.


1)   There’s the obvious – drink vodka with lunch.  Why it took me so long to get to the wise knowledge that others before me passed on, I’ll never know.


2)   I got lots of advice about feeding Annabelle naked since she’s a messy eater. What no one told me was that I should be naked too. Much easier and no messy cleanups for baby or mom. 


1)   Even the best of TV and movies can’t make you miss home any less


2)   When the Lonely Planet guide book says a town “holds no interest for travelers”, it is correct.



3)   An excellent diaper bag is worth its weight in, well, if not gold, then certainly a good aluminum.


4)   Having time off is only good if it’s time off in a place you want to be.


5)   A well fed child is generally a happy child.  Almost every time she’s cried, it’s been because she’s hungry, even if it’s not “on schedule”.


6)   Did I mention the drinking vodka with lunch already?


A couple photos from the day….