Goodbye Lunch and the formal recording of me as Annabelle’s mom

Today was a busy day.  First, I had to go to someplace called the “registry office” – I think it’s the equivalent of our County Recorder office and there, in an inauspicious office, I signed the birth certificate that formally records me as Annabelle’s mother and renames her from Aida to Annabelle Margaret Mericle.  No one had told me about this event or that I needed to do anything, so I didn’t realize this was somewhat of a momentous occasion.  After I signed everything everyone in the office shook my hand and so did Oleg.  It was so formal.  Fortunately, my camera was already in my purse so I got a couple of photos but still, I wasn’t dressed very nicely and it would have been nice to have a good photo of the day.


Here are the pictures I did get:




Annabelle did not come with me, but was watched by Maria, the woman who babysits for the apartment people (as opposed to the cottage people).  Little did I know this was the beginning of a very trying day with Annabelle.


When I came home at 10:30, Maria told me Annabelle wouldn’t take the bottle she was supposed to have at 10:00.  I tried to give Annabelle the bottle but she wouldn’t take it from me either.  But then after Maria left she settled down and was fine.  But then at 1:00 pm again she wouldn’t take the bottle again. I started to get worried she was sick, although she didn’t feel warm.  Maria was coming over again at 1:15 so I could to a goodbye lunch with Allison, Oleg, Rada, and Inna.  So I left Maria with our phone number and said call me if she looks like she’s getting sick.


Because you see, we finally had a reservation at the Armenian restaurant, the land of mystery, so I wasn’t eager to give up my chance to see this exclusive Brigadoon-like (in that it’s there but inaccessible) place.


Maria called us at the restaurant but only to say that Annabelle had fallen asleep (this was at about 1:30 – her normal nap time is 2:00).  


We had a fun lunch. The Armenian restaurant was, well, when all is said and done, just a restaurant. It did have a bit more style than some of the other places we have patronized. It had those banquette tables, the bench seats that wrap around the table.  The food was fine, or so I’m told since they had no vegetarian offerings except the so-called “garnishes”.  The garnishes are side dishes.  And here is the complete list of side dishes: Mashed potatoes, french fries, Home style potatoes, breaded potatoes, potato pancakes, rice, and stewed cabbage.  This country really loves its potatoes!  So my meal consisted of an odd cabbage salad with oil to start, and for my main course, homestyle potatoes and potato pancakes.  I skipped the stewed cabbage.  I contented myself instead with the drinks. We drank vodka toasts before the meal and between courses.  And beer, of course.  I am not a straight-vodka drinker and to me it tasted like rubbing alcohol, but it seemed to go down smoother later in the meal. J



Allison and I both gave out our gifts. I gave Oleg (in a gift bag with very feminine fluffy feathers on it no less) two Minnesota (Twins and Timberwolves) t-shirts and 3 CDs that I had made him from my ITunes.  I gave Inna some Estee Lauder mascara, a scarf, some silver earrings, some CDs, and a photo frame with a picture of her and Annabelle in it.  To Rada I gave a watch that has different ribbons/bands that you can wear with the watch depending on what you are wearing, silver earrings, CDs and also a photo frame.


Allison and I briefly scuffled (it was the vodka I swear) when she gave Oleg a Boston Red Sox t-shirt. Oleg said that he now has enough t-shirts to open a restaurant and decorate it with American t-shirts.  For families to follow, I would suggest getting him a different gift like a gerber multi-tool or music from the states.  I think he’s a little tired of the constant t-shirts.  (At least bring him long sleeved shirts.)


Anyway, we stumbled out of the restaurant at about 4pm and when I got home, Annabelle was awake but still wouldn’t take a bottle.  After Maria left, I tried to give her a bottle but she wouldn’t take it and kept twisting around in my arms as if to look around the apartment and see who was there.  After about 15 minutes of trying to get her to drink her bottle, I gave up and put her down on the ground, where she promptly started to cry.  Well, I said to her, I know you are crying because you are hungry but how can I feed you if you won’t take the bottle?  She didn’t answer me, probably because she knew I was right. 


After another half hour, I decided to try feeding her baby food, maybe that would work. And it did. She was happy to eat the baby food so I loaded her up with plums and carrots. Then, after she stopped eating that, I gave her the bottle and she was happy to take it.  And from then on, we were back on track.


So my theory is that my shy little girl was just discombobulated by Maria’s presence and my absence. She’s friendly and sweet to everyone but that doesn’t mean she wants strangers in her space, especially without Mama.  Oh, it doesn’t bode well for our daycare plan. And I have to go back to work right away since I get no paid time off….. eeck!


I have no pics of the girlie today so here’s one from last week.



Well, tomorrow is my laundry and packing day!  One full day left.